How to conduct a Student Property Search

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If you are a student searching for Newcastle student accommodation, Roseworth understand that it can be a daunting but exciting process with lots of different options to take into consideration.  


On Roseworth's main search page you can easily narrow down your search by using the criteria below, making it quick and easy to eliminate the Newcastle student properties not suitable.


Don’t forget you can always pick up the phone to speak to us about your requirements or pop down to our office for a friendly chat with one of our staff.   


Step 1 – Group Size


We have many different types of Newcastle student accommodation available in different locations ranging from 1 to 8 bedrooms. What is most important is to first decide on your group size and ensure that everyone is committed. Group sizes can change once you start looking so don’t worry if this happens to your group. We have lots of lovely Newcastle student houses and flats for you to choose from, but it is best to have this decided before you start looking in order to make a decision on a property you like as some go very quickly!


Step 2 – Location


Newcastle is a fantastic city for students and has different areas to choose from, all of which have many benefits. It is a good idea to try and narrow down which area your group would prefer to live in. Questions which are worth discussing with your group include:


  • Distance to University
  • Public transportation links
  • Proximity to open green space
  • Distance to shops, bars, restaurants and cafes
  • Quiet or busy area


For more information on the different areas of Newcastle student accommodation please see our Residential Areas page or pick up the phone to Roseworth and one of our experienced staff will be happy to help discuss your requirements and advise which area will best suit you and your group. 


Step 3 – Price


What is your budget? Discussing a price range or budget with your group is essential to ensure that everyone is happy and comfortable with what the group as a whole can afford.  Don’t forget bills! We recommend that on average students pay circa £10 to £12 per person per week for bills.


The majority of Roseworth's Newcastle student accommodation all have double rooms, however a select few have different rents assigned to different rooms e.g. a small room may have a cheaper rent. This can be an advantage to a group whereby one person has a slightly tighter budget than others. For more information on which Newcastle student properties this applies to please get in touch.


As a rule of thumb the most expensive areas are the city centre and Jesmond, with Heaton and Sandyford being more affordable. We have lovely Newcastle student accommodation in all areas so you have plenty of options to choose from!


Step 4 – Type of Property


Roseworth have many different types of Newcastle student accommodation to choose from, for example:


  • Houses
  • Flats
  • Studios
  • Maisonettes
  • Town Houses
  • Purpose build student blocks
  • House Shares


It is important for students to discuss with their group what type of property you will prefer. For example, Newcastle student houses often have outside space which is good for storing bikes, they are often larger than flats which is an advantage if you require more space or plan on having more social gatherings!


Other questions to ask yourselves include, do you need off street parking as some of our properties provide this for free? Would you prefer to live in purpose built Newcastle student accommodation with other student properties all together? The list goes on!


There are many options to consider. If you are unsure or have some questions, why not come down to our office or give us a call on 0191 222 1225, where one of our staff members will happily go through the different choices available to ascertain which type of Newcastle student accommodation will best suit you and your group.