It’s that time of year again with the stress of exams fast approaching meaning that by now you have probably broken any New Year resolutions made!

Most students find that living in a property with less people enables a better study environment.  The great thing about private accommodation is that you are in charge of where and with whom you are living.  We have a number of great apartments that are perfect for allowing you to study until your hearts content ensuring that a first class degree may be within sight.


Flat 1, 51 Osborne Road

  • £160pppw
  • Available from 9th September 2016 until 7th September 2017
  • £159pppw
  • Available from 11th September 2016 until 9th September 2017
  • £79pppw
  • Available from 10th July 2016 until 9th July 2017
  • £87.00pppw
  • Available from 12th July 2016 until 10th July 2017
  • £88.00-£90.00ppw
  • Available from 22nd June 2016
  • £80.00pppw
  • Available from 2nd September 2016 until 31st August 2017
  • £90pppw
  • Available from 24th June 2016 until 22nd June 2017

To find out more about the areas and what they have to offer click here.

We also have great 4 bedroom properties available at Stepney Lane.  See our previous blog Ã¢â‚¬Å“Introducing our purpose built Newcastle Luxury Student Accommodation at Stepney Lane.”

Should you wish to arrange a viewing for any of the above properties or any of our other properties that we have available, please email or call 0191 222 1225 where our friendly staff will be more than happy to book a viewing in the diary.