Christmas is coming which means it’s only a few weeks before you head home for the holidays. At this time of year burglaries increase and empty student accommodation is often the target.  Kevin from Home Alone used a cardboard cut out, a gangster movie and a series of homemade traps to stop the Wet Bandits. But here at Roseworth we have some more practical suggestions to secure your Newcastle student property over the festive period.

  • Check windows and doors are locked each time you leave the house

This is always important and particularly over the Christmas period. If you have a spare key leave it with someone reliable and don’t hide it under a flower pot!  Set the alarm (if you have one) before you head back for Christmas.

  • Make it look like someone is home

Hang coats in the hallway or put a light on a timer to put off any thieves. Electronic timers for lights are cheap and will give you an extra sense of security.

Use this helpful service to hold your post while you’re away. It means avoiding a letterbox full of unopened post that could be a clue to a vacant property.

  • Lock up valuables

Or take them home with you. Laptops or other technology visible through a window can attract the attention of opportunists. Make sure they are out of sight.

  • Don’t shout about an empty property on social media

Keep on top of your privacy setting and where possible don’t talk about going home for Christmas openly online.

  • Home and contents insurance

Check your policy is up-to-date so if something does happen you can be prepared.

We will send a check list to all our tenants 2016/ 17 with further information on keeping your property safe over Christmas however if you have any enquiries please do get in touch with our Roseworth team.

And if you’re still looking for your Newcastle student accommodation for 2017 / 18 then take a look at the properties we have available on our website HERE or call us to arrange a viewing on 0191 222 1225.