Moving out of your property? The staff at Roseworth are sad to see you go! In order to help you get your deposit back, we have prepared some tips on what you need to do. We also send a Moving out Guide to all our tenants which contains helpful tips.


We will use the inventory that you completed at the commencement of your tenancy to ascertain if there are any dilapidations that will be deducted from your bond.

All items detailed on the inventory must be present and within the correct location, if items are missing then the cost to replace these will be deducted from the security deposit bond.

Please ensure that you replace all missing light bulbs and crockery as the cost of replacing these items will be deducted from your bond.


You MUST ensure all keys are returned to our office on or before the last day of your tenancy.

Should we not be in receipt of all keys by the end of your tenancy then the cost of a key replacement will be deducted from your bond.  Roseworth also reserve the right to change the locks if deemed necessary and the cost of this will be deducted from the bond.

Unwanted Personal Items

All personal items are to be removed from the property.  Do not leave unwanted personal items in the property or in any outside space.  Our contractors will invoice for the removal of these items and the cost associated will be deducted from your bond.

Should you have any furniture items that need to be removed, you will have to contact Newcastle City Council on (0191) 278 7878 to arrange a special collection, for which two week’s notice is required.


You MUST ensure that the property is thoroughly cleaned to a professional standard at the end of your tenancy as per the terms of your tenancy agreement.  This is by far the most expensive cost that tenants incur when they vacate.  Our office will be sending a cleaning guide to all tenants which will detail areas that require to be cleaned.

Window Cleaning

If your accommodation is a standard property and not in a block managed property then as per the terms of your tenancy agreement, please ensure that your windows have been cleaned. Book a window cleaner in advance before moving out and provide a copy of the receipt to the office.  If we need to instruct a window cleaner, the cost of this will be deducted from your bond.  Please note that the date of the window cleaning is to relate to the date of the end of the tenancy and not the date tenants vacate the property if vacating early.

Our office has emailed all tenants a checkout letter that details the date and time of the checkout of the property along with a moving out guide.  Should you require any further information on the check out process then please do not hesitate to contact our office on 0191 222 1225 or email