Condensation. It’s not glamorous! It also tends to get worse in the colder months. Here at Roseworth we’ve put together a guide to help you prevent damp from entering your Newcastle student home in winter. Follow these simple measures and don’t let it escalate into a problem.

Keep your home warm

We know it can be tempting to scrimp on heating costs especially on a student budget. However try to maintain a good average temperature in your home. Get the most out of your heating when it is switched on by ensuring nothing is blocking your radiators. It gets very cold in Newcastle and you must take this into consideration. It’s very likely that without heating your pipes will freeze.


If you’re using a room regularly then open a window to improve ventilation. This is important – especially at this time of year – when you’re already spending a lot of time indoors. If moisture has means of escape then it’s likely to minimise your chances of condensation.

Leave space

Leave a gap between your furniture and your walls to allow air to circulate around the property. This will aid in the prevention of black mould. If you have a wardrobe or any other piece of large furniture in your bedroom it’s best to put it against an interior wall (rather than an exterior wall which will be much colder).

Banish any excess moisture

If you’re worried about moisture then a dehumidifier can help. These handy devices remove significant amounts of water in the air and help to keep your student home warm. Another tip is to wipe down any surfaces as soon as you see condensation develop.

Make less moisture

Our final tip is to be aware of how much moisture you might be creating by engaging in everyday activities for example; don’t leave the kettle boiling and try to cover pans when you’re cooking.