Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have heard about Newcastle City Council’s new environmentally friendly transport scheme: e-scooters! The city council is running a year-long trial of 250 e-scooters to help you navigate your way round the city. 

Do you fancy a whiz round the toon on these scooters? It’s pretty easy to do so. Just download the Neuron app from the Apple or Google Play store. Then, you can unlock an e-scooter for only £1 and each minute is 18p thereafter. If you plan on becoming a habitual e-scooter user, you can buy money saving passes either £15 for a three-day pass, £22 for a weekly pass or £36 for a whole month’s pass. As a thank you to our amazing keyworkers, NHS employees or anyone working for the emergency services can obtain free e-scooter passes – welcome to the new method of commuting. 

If riding an e-scooter which is available for general public use is a concern for you, given the current COVID-19 situation, don’t fret! The city council have employed a safety team, who are armed with hospital-grade sanitiser to keep the scooters and helmets clean and germ-free. 

Not road legal yet? Don’t worry if you haven’t passed your driving test as the e-scooters only require you to be over 18 with a provisional licence. There are also a couple of other rules you should be aware of. There’s no riding on the pavements so it is advised you wear the provided helmet, especially as these e-scooters reach a top speed of 15mph! It’s one to a scooter so no romantic tandem rides, unfortunately. If you were planning to hitch a ride on an e-scooter after a wild night on the toon once everything reopens, you might be disappointed. There is no riding under the influence of alcohol or other substances. It is also advised that due to the current government ‘stay at home’ guidelines that the e-scooters should only be used for essential trips, so if you’ve got an essential shopping trip in the pipeline why not choose the e-scooter as your mode of transport.

Despite the stringent rules, there’s still plenty of fun to be had with these new e-scooters (government guidelines permitting). They are ridable throughout the city centre, Jesmond and Gosforth, so there’s plenty of places to go and sights to see. The city council have also confirmed that once the COVID-19 situation improves, they will look at introducing offers for students, so make sure you keep an eye out for these…

Happy scooting!