Have you thought about your living arrangements for next year when you move out of uni halls? Now is the perfect time to start planning before all the great student properties get snapped up!

Having spent your first year at uni in student accommodation with flatmates that have been chosen for you it’s time to take control and think about who you want to share a student house with. Knowing how to choose the right uni flatmates is key in your search for new student accommodation, so here are some things to think about.

Group size

Whilst it can be tempting to sign yourself up to a student house with loads of other people, you might find it easier to make decisions and find a house if there are fewer of you. Living in a smaller group might make for a happier home and, hopefully, no queues for the bathroom in the morning! However, there are definite advantages of being part of a larger house too,  it will give you a great social life and there will never be a dull day – take time to think what type of living arrangements will suit you best before you commit.

Money, Money, Money

Make sure you’re sharing a house with people who have a similar student budget to you. There’s nothing more stressful than moving into a house you know you can’t really afford. Money can be a sensitive subject so buddy up with people you feel will be honest about their financial situation. The last thing you want is the worry of sharing with someone who can’t make rent or pay the bills.

Friends vs Housemates

The chances are you’re making some great friends during your first year at uni, but will they make good housemates? The friend you love to do shots with in the student union bar isn’t necessarily the best person to live with.

The Leader

It’s a good idea to make sure that one of your group is a good leader. Someone who can remind everyone when to pay bills and be in charge of the running of the house is essential.

Unwanted guests

If one of your uni friends has a clingy boyfriend or girlfriend you may want to reconsider sharing a house with them. Unwanted guests in your student house can become annoying very quickly. No one wants an extra person moving in who doesn’t pay the bills.

Making a home

Think about what kind of house you want to live in. To get the most out of your student house you want to be living somewhere where you feel happy and at home. Don’t end up sharing with a night owl who loves to throw house parties if you want to be able to spend time at home studying. Take some time to find housemates who want the same out of their uni experience that you do and chances are they’ll make great housemates.

Whatever your housing requirements for next year we have a variety of student accommodation across Newcastle to suit your needs.  Once you have your group size sorted then please do take a look at our available properties for 2016/17 which can all be viewed here.

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