One of the biggest things I remember struggling with during my first year at University was how to fill my weekends. At first, the weekends felt never ending. I didn’t know how to spend my time or what I could do in a brand-new city, so I ended up just staying in my room most weekends. This made the weekends feel like an eternity and made me feel quite lonely at times. It took me a while to realise I needed to occupy myself at the weekend and it also took a while to figure out what I could do to occupy myself. Therefore, to save you all the trouble I went through, I’ve put together a few things you could try to keep yourself entertained in Newcastle at the weekend.

Have a leisurely morning

First thing’s first, the weekends are your opportunity to relax and chill out, so don’t feel like you need to be up at the crack of dawn. Let yourself wake up naturally – alarms are for weekdays! When you do wake up, take it steady. You could have breakfast in bed, have a nice relaxing bath, watch a film or some TV. Make sure you get up, get dressed and ready and ALWAYS make your bed (even if you’re just going to get back into it). Before you know it, it’ll be lunchtime….

Meet a friend for a coffee

Newcastle isn’t short of lovely coffee shops and cafes where you could happily spend a few hours in the afternoon with a friend. There’s nothing better on a weekend than a nice warm drink and a good old natter (and if you feel like treating yourself, maybe even a piece of cake).

Take a walk

There are plenty of scenic places in and around Newcastle for you stroll around at the weekend. Head to Jesmond Dene, where you can walk from Jesmond vale along the River Ouseburn all the way to South Gosforth. Take a trip to the coast and walk along beach, where you can breathe in that North Sea air. If you have access to a car then drive out into Northumberland where there are endless country walks and little gems to discover.

Go to the gym

This one might not be for everyone. If your idea of a relaxing and chilled weekend doesn’t include sweating it out at the gym, then you’ll hear no arguments from me. However, if you’re into keeping fit then a gym session (or any other kind of exercise) could be a great way to boost your mood and fill up some time.

Join a society

Many societies run activities over the weekend, so why not take a look at the list of societies on the Student’s Union website and see if anything takes your fancy. Most societies are more than happy for you to go along a try it out before you commit to anything.

Invite your friends to visit

Some of the best weekends I’ve had at University are when my friends from home have come to visit me. It definitely fills your weekend. It is great to be able to mix your new University friends and your friends from home, plus everyone is always up for a night out when someone’s friend is visiting. Also, it is a great excuse to visit all the top sights in and around Newcastle, as your friends will be bound to want to explore the city you live in!

Visit home

Don’t forget, if you ever are feeling down or lonely, there is always the option to go home for the weekend. It is amazing what a weekend at home can do for you and how refreshed you will feel when you get back to University. I decided to plan out the weekends I was going to go home, this meant I always had something to look forward to and my family knew when I would be home so we could plan some fun activities together.

Hopefully, this gives you a flavour of what you can get up to on the weekend in Newcastle. I’m not saying do all this in one weekend, spread it out. If you did one thing from the above list each weekend, that would be seven weekends occupied! This list is by no means exhaustive, there’s plenty of other things you can get up to as well….