Noise is part of everyday life however persistent noise from a neighbour can affect your daily life and education. The majority of Newcastle’s private student accommodation is within a 2 mile radius of the Newcastle and Northumbria universities. Most Newcastle student accommodation will be located in areas of mixed communities where your neighbours could be a mix of students, young professionals, families with children and elderly people.  See below some useful tips from Roseworth student lettings:

1. -“Have a quiet word

If the noise of ‘heavy drum n bass’ is now getting too much then a quiet word may be needed. Your neighbours may not even be aware that they are disturbing you! If you don’t feel confident speaking to them face to face then you could leave a note under their door or send them a text if you have their number. Many problems are generally solved at this early stage.

2. Contact your Landlord or Student Letting Agent

If speaking to your neighbours hasn’t worked then contact your Landlord or Student Letting Agent to update them of the situation. Your Student Letting Agent will have different types of notification updating the noisy neighbours of the possible punishments should they continue to be a nuisance.  If progress is slow then start to involve your personal tutor and your university advice centre.

3. Call the Council

If all of the above fails then you will need to contact your local Council (which in this case will be Newcastle City Council). Your local Council are legally obliged to investigate all noise complaints and will attend onsite if required. They have extremely effective powers such as removing music equipment and applying on the spot fines. For further information of the complaint process then please find attached a link –

Roseworth Student Lettings want all of our tenants to have a good time though we do take anti-social behaviour seriously.  For any further queries please contact us on 0191 222 1225 or email us at