As one of the leading destinations for students wanting to study in the UK, Newcastle is home to thousands of students from more than 120 countries. Wherever you’re from, your time at university here in Newcastle is bound to be full of memorable experiences; whether it’s our fantastic nightlife, historic university campuses or stunning local landscapes, there’s something in Newcastle for everyone.

At Roseworth Student Lettings, we are specialists in providing high-quality accommodation for both domestic and international students. We’ve drawn on our expertise in student life to develop this guide to Newcastle for international students.

Whether you’re looking at your options to study in the UK, or are already an international student living in Newcastle, read on to find out how you can make the most of your time in this vibrant and cosmopolitan city.

Travelling to Newcastle

As an international student moving to the UK, your first question is likely to be: how can I best travel there? Thanks to its excellent transport links, Newcastle is one of the best-connected cities in the UK.

Newcastle Airport provides direct and connecting flights to and from mainland Europe, Asia, South America, the US, the Middle East and Africa. Frequent and direct trains to and from other major British cities, including London, Edinburgh and Manchester, as well as close proximity to a number of motorways and major roads mean that it’s easy to explore the rest of the UK from Newcastle.

History & Culture

Located in the North East of England, close to the Scottish border, Newcastle has a long and rich history. The world-famous Hadrian’s Wall, built in the second century as the north-west frontier of the Roman Empire, still runs across the country, with its eastern end located in Wallsend in Newcastle.

Later on in its history, Newcastle became a key industrial hubs for the British Empire, with coal from its mines powering many of Britain’s major inventions and innovations.

These days, Newcastle is best known for its vibrant cultural scene. From contemporary galleries and cutting-edge art exhibitions, to awe-inspiring music venues and theatres, Newcastle is one of the best cities in the UK to experience British life and culture.

Weather & Climate

When considering moving to the UK, many overseas students ask about the local weather – and for good reason! It’s true that Britain has its fair share of rainy days, but the UK also enjoys crisp Autumns, blossoming Springs and even the occasional summer heatwave!

The average temperature in Newcastle is around 14C in August, which tends to be the warmest time of year. January is usually our coldest month, with temperatures averaging at 3C. However, Newcastle locals – known as Geordies – are famous for their resistance to cold, and can often be seen out of the town without a coat, whatever the weather!

Student Accommodation

Newcastle offers a number of options for international student accommodation. With several popular areas for student housing, it’s important to consider where would prefer to live during your time here. Check out our Student Advice and guide to Newcastle Student Areas to find out more about the different areas in Newcastle, as well as our advice on life in Newcastle as an international student.

With over 20 years’ of experience in student lettings and as one of Newcastle’s leading student accommodation specialists, we at Roseworth are committed to helping you find the right student property for you. Our friendly and experienced team are on hand to support you throughout your experience as an international student. Use our simple and straightforward property search tool to browse our available student accommodation, or contact us to discuss your needs in detail.