December is here which means we can finally put on our Christmas party playlist without feeling guilty. But we know that Christmas is expensive – there’s travelling home to see family, buying presents and occasionally a big student night out!  Here at Roseworth we’ve put together a few tips which should help you take part in festive celebrations without spending loads of money.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a staple for any student strapped for cash at Christmas. However make sure you set a budget from the outset to avoid embarrassment later down the line.  The cheapest option is to agree on £1 and see who can come up with the most creative present!

Bring-A-Dish Christmas Dinner  

Eating out for Christmas dinner is always pricey. If you don’t feel up to cooking a full Christmas dinner in your Newcastle student flat or house then why not have bring-a-dish night? Everyone can cook their speciality and half the fun is seeing what kind of food is on offer.

Get Crafty

Homemade presents are often the best received and with a wealth of YouTube tutorials out there there’s no excuse not to get crafty. If you want a thoughtful present which doesn’t take much effort then make a customised sweet jar. Find an appropriate container (an empty jam jar will do!) to decorate how you see fit. Some confetti, ribbon or a handwritten note will do the trick. Add sweets and seal with a piece of fabric and an elastic band. For more ideas check out the link below:

Student Discount

Take advantage of student discount while you can! On top of student discount there’s always deals online so make sure you do your research before you dive in and purchase your Christmas gifts. Sometimes shops will host shopping evenings in Newcastle specifically aimed at students so keep an eye out for those.