The typical student lives on a diet of spag bol, jacket potatoes with beans and frozen pizzas.  When you arrive at University it can be really easy to get into the bad habit of buying in frozen food or ordering takeaways, especially if you have relied on your parents to cook for you!   However, your time at Uni does not need to be unhealthy.  Why not get into the habit of cooking for you and your flatmates or you can all take it in turns and do a ‘Come Dine with me’ night once a week for one of you to be crowned top dinner party host!  A great fun social experience is to be had by all.

To start with we recommend that you invest in some kitchen cupboard essentials.. salt and pepper,  Tabasco sauce, mixed dry herbs, cooking oil, pasta, rice, chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, flour and sugar.   You will then need to purchase some decent kitchen equipment such as a small frying pan, wok, saucepan, tin opener, vegetable peeler, cheese grater, wooden spoons or spatulas, mixing bowel, measuring jug, sieve, colander, whisk, chopping knives, chopping board and kitchen scissors.

This may seem like a large expense to start with but will save you money in the long run, plus think of the fun dinner parties!

It is worth a visit to the bookshop to purchase some decent student cookbooks such as ‘Nosh for Students a Fun student cookbook’ by Joy May.   If searching the internet is easier for some fun recipe ideas then visit the following:

You will soon be the next Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson before you know it and you can impress your parents when you are next home! smiley

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