Decisions! Decisions! Choosing your flatmates for the following year of student living can be a minefield. How do you pick who you want to live with?  Good friends don’t always make for the best living companions so we’ve created a checklist of criteria to help you form the ultimate student house or flat share in Newcastle.

Where does your potential flatmate fit on the messiness scale?

Be honest. If you’re a Monica and you’re living with a Joey there might be some arguments over the cleaning. Consider how much mess you can handle. The goal is to find a similar-minded friend who will keep the house in your preferred state. Of course there’s compromise but cleaning rotas only work if everyone is willing to take part.

Money! It’s time to talk about finance.

Agree on a budget for bills for both rent and expenses.  Money is a difficult subject to talk about but it’s important you do have a chat about it before you agree to live together.  Your budget might affect the area of Newcastle you’d like to live in. Can’t decide between the city centre, Sandyford or Jesmond? Read more about popular student areas in Newcastle HERE.

Suss out their annoying habits. 

Are they a serial dater? Party animal? Food pincher? Any one of these traits could be a potential deal breaker when it comes to the perfect student flatmate.  They say opposites attract however it’s a good idea to a find a flatmate with the same values as you.

Don’t rush into anything romantic (no matter how much you fancy them).

uple or considering living with someone you fancy the pants off, we urge you to tread carefully! Entering into a romance with someone in your house share can be problematic at the best of times. Plus the extra drama is bound to have a negative impact on your essay writing ability.