A Guide to Moving into Student Accommodation

At Roseworth, we understand that moving into a home for the first time can be daunting. For our tenants, we understand this can be very stressful when studies are added on top.

To help make the process as easy and stress-free as possible, we’ve highlighted some helpful tips when it comes to moving into your new student accommodation.

Meter Readings

When moving into your student accommodation, Roseworth will provide you with all your meter readings.

These will be found at the back of the inventory you’ll be handed at the start of the tenancy.

When your tenancy ends, Roseworth will also take the final meter readings.

Utility Bills

Your Newcastle student accommodation will have full working, and connected, electricity and gas (if applicable) when you move in.

But, while Roseworth will provide you with the meter readings, due to the properties being self-contained, tenants are liable for paying all gas, electricity, water and sewage charges.

Upon moving in, each group will be responsible for contacting the appropriate supplier and setting up the account from the tenancy start date.

Below, we’ve placed some useful contacts:

1. Gas Emergency – National Grid Emergency

0800 111 999

2. Gas Provider – Meter Point Admin Service

0870 6081524

3. Northumbrian Water

0345 7335566

4. Electricity Emergency – NEDL loss of supply

0800 668877

5. Electricity Provider – Electricity Distribution Company 

0845 0707172

Paying Bills

With several bills required for the house, it’s sensible to put one tenant in charge.

For more information on this, please view our Help with Bills page.

Contents Insurance

Before moving in, it’s important to ensure you have contents insurance. It’s best to do this individually.

While your landlord will have building insurance to cover the building, you’ll need this to ensure your personal contents are covered should you suffer a flood, fire or break-in.

When can I collect my keys?

Your keys will be available for Roseworth’s main city centre office, 51 Osborne Road, from 12pm on the date the tenancy begins.

Once all documentation has been received, keys will be handed out on an individual basis.

If your tenancy start date happens to fall on a Sunday, our office will be closed. If this happens to be the case, please contact the office beforehand to make arrangements.

Moving in Guide

To ensure our tenants are fully prepared when they move into their new Newcastle student accommodation, Roseworth provides each household with a comprehensive Moving in Guide.

When moving into a block managed property, each person will be provided with an information booklet.