During Your Student Tenancy

If you’re about to move into your new student property in Newcastle, we know it can be exciting and scary all at the same time.

Below are some frequently asked questions, alongside some top tips, to help you out during your time in your student accommodation.

Student Tenancy FAQS

Do I Need a TV Licence?

Whether you watch or record television programmes on TV or online, you’ll need a TV license.

When you have a tenancy agreement for the whole house, which is the case for most Roseworth properties, you’ll one require one license for the property.

Remember, you can get a refund over the summer months if you leave the property early.

You can find more information here.

Do Students Pay Council Tax?

If everyone in your property is a full-time student, you won’t be required to pay any council tax.

In order to qualify as a full-time student, you need to be at a course lasting at least one year and be involved in a minimum of 21 hours of study per week.

Roseworth tenants, however, don’t need to worry as we deal with council tax for you.

However, if one non-student occupies the property only a quarter of the exemption applies. If more than one non-student lives on the premises, no exemptions are applicable.

You can find more information and advice here.


Some of our Newcastle student properties benefit from free private off-street, and garage car parking.

If this isn’t available, but you want to park in the street, you’ll need a parking permit from the city council.

You can find more information about parking here.

How do I Report a Maintenance Problem?

If you find a maintenance problem in one of Roseworth’s Newcastle student properties, you can report it online via the maintenance section of the website.

You can also get in touch by phone, or come in for a chat if you’d prefer.

How quickly do maintenance problems get repaired?

At Roseworth, we have our own in-house maintenance team. Because of this, we’re able to deal with any issues quickly and efficiently.

If you have an emergency issue, you should either:

  • Contact a member of the Roseworth team on 0191 222 1225 as soon as possible
  • If the issue is outside of office hours, contact one of the four emergency telephone numbers provided by Roseworth

I have lost my keys

If you happen to lose your keys, Roseworth can replace them during office hours. However, you will incur a charge.

We recommend leaving your Roseworth keyring attached to your keys. This way if someone finds them, they can get in touch with us.

Are all inclusive bill packages available?

As we like to make letting a Newcastle student property as easy and stress-free as possible, Roseworth has all-inclusive bill packages available.

For more information please click here.

Internet and Sky

These are not included, we leave this for students to set up themselves so they can choose a provider and package of their choice.

Student Living Tips


As everyone has a different idea of what cleaning is, a good way to tackle this is to set up a rota once you move in. This is a good way to determine who cleans what and when.

Setting up a kitty for household products, such as toilet roll and washing up liquid, can also help to resolve any issues over who’s turn it is to buy certain items.

House Guests

At Roseworth we understand that tenants will have the occasional house guest.

While we have no issue with this, it is advisable to inform your housemates first. This will help to prevent any awkward ‘run-ins’.

Coping with Noisy Neighbours

While you can pick the perfect property and your housemates, picking your neighbours is out of your hands.

If you happen to get stuck with noisy neighbours, there are several steps you can take to address the issue. These are:

  • Talk to them about the noise in the first instance. They may not be aware of the noise themselves, and bringing it to their attention could be enough to make it stop
  • If speaking to them doesn’t help, keep a diary and log the types of noise created, alongside the dates and times
  • You can then contact the Roseworth Student Lettings team on 0191 222 1225 or email enquiries@roseworth.co.uk. Our office staff will then advise you on our course of action
  • If this doesn’t work, there’s one final stage. This is to contact the Noise Pollution Team at Newcastle City Council on 0191 2787878 or email psr@newcastle.gov.uk.

The telephone line is operational five days a week from 8.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m. Calls received after this time will be dealt with by a 24-hour call centre and sent to a team for investigation the following day. The council will ask you to provide your diary notes, and the council officer will consider factors such as the type of noise, how loud it is, how often and what time it occurs. Noise monitoring of the problem will then be carried out at your home, and you’ll be advised on what further action will happen

  • If you believe the noise relates to antisocial behaviour, you should contact Northumbria Police on 101

Keeping your student property secure

Because students own more expensive consumer goods per head that the rest of the population, it makes student homes more attractive.

It’s highly important to lock your doors and windows when leaving your Property. Roseworth’s student accommodation also have individual locks on doors to ensure additional room safety.

There are several steps you can take to ensure your student property is secure. These include:

  • Keeping the front and back doors locked at all times, even if you’re at home
  • Leave lights on timers to make it look like you’re home, even if you’re not
  • Keep high-value products out of view, especially at street level
  • Make sure you have contents insurance

Should you find yourself a victim of a crime, put your own personal safety first. Do not enter the property, instead call the Police on 999 or 101 for non-emergencies.

Dropping out

Sometimes, individuals may wish to move out of their Newcastle student property during their tenancy with Roseworth.

If this happens, finding a replacement tenant falls on the individual leaving. If there isn’t someone in place to take the room immediately, we advise students to advertise themselves using websites such as the University sites, Facebook, Gumtree, and Sparerooms. Roseworth will also try to help by re-advertising the room.

Please remember that all tenancy agreements are legally binding contracts. If you have any questions about our ASTs (assured shorthold tenancies) please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.