Student Checkout Advice and Guidance

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Roseworth Student Lettings are sad to see you go! In order to make the moving out process as easy as possible we have prepared a guide below containing some information which you may find useful.



Roseworth will use the inventory that you completed at the commencement of your tenancy to ascertain if there are any dilapidations that will be deducted from your bond.  


All items detailed on the inventory must be present and within the correct location, if items are missing the cost to replace these will be deducted from the security deposit bond. 


Please ensure that you replace all missing light bulbs and crockery, if applicable, as the cost of replacing these items will be deducted from your bond.  Please contact Roseworth Student Lettings if you are unsure where to purchase these items.




Roseworth will send all tenants a letter or email regarding the date and time of the checkout (this is normally the day after the tenancy terminates).   We request that as many tenants be present at the property at the agreed appointment time. 


The checkout inspection will take approximately 1 hour.  Roseworth will use a copy of your inventory to decide if there will be any deductions made from your bond.  We will not be able to specify the exact amount that will be deducted until we are in receipt of estimates and / or invoices from our appointed contractors which normally takes around 2 weeks.


Please note that should works be identified by our office (i.e. cleaning or painting works) tenants will not get a chance to rectify this after the tenancy end date as we will need to get the property ready for incoming tenants.  


Should all tenants be moving out early, please contact our office as we may be able to bring the checkout date and time forward, subject to staff availability.  If this is possible it means Roseworth can return your deposit sooner….Woohoo!  




The deposit that you paid prior to moving into your property was registered with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) and you would have received a copy of the certificate with all the relevant information.  The TDS have prepared a video with some useful tips to help make sure you don’t lose your deposit.  Please click on the following link TDS Video


As per the terms of the tenancy deposit scheme, your deposit will be returned via cheque as soon as practicably possible to the address that you provided on your application form at the start of your tenancy. Please note that this normally takes a minimum of 2 weeks.


Should your address have changed during the course of your tenancy then you will need to put this in writing to our office ASAP in order for us to update our records.  


Should you not have informed our office of a change of address and your deposit cheque needs to be cancelled as it has been sent to an incorrect address, then you will be charged £10.00 for the cancellation of the cheque as this is the fee that our office is charged by our bank.


Roseworth will email all documentation in relation to any deductions made, if applicable. Please note that if you have a complaint this is to be made in writing, preferably via email to . 




You MUST ensure that all keys are returned to our office on or before the last day of your tenancy.  Should you wish to be present at the checkout inspection then we will accept your key during this inspection.


Should Roseworth not be in receipt of all keys by the end of your tenancy then the cost of a key replacement will be deducted from your bond. Roseworth also reserve the right to change the locks if deemed necessary and the cost of this will also be deducted from the bond.




All personal items are to be removed from the property. Do not leave unwanted personal items in the property or in any outside space.  Our contractors will invoice for the removal of these items and the cost associated with this will be deducted from your bond


Should you have any furniture items that need to be removed, you will have to contact Newcastle City Council on (0191) 278 7878 to arrange a special collection, for which two week’s notice is usually required.




Please arrange for Virgin Media / Sky boxes and any other rented appliances including routers to be collected prior to the end of your tenancy.  These MUST NOT be left in the property. 




Please ensure that you arrange for your mail to be redirected.  This takes at least 5 working days to come into effect and you must ensure that you redirect your mail for a long enough period of time that enables all to know your new address.


You can do this online at for 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months.




You MUST ensure your Newcastle student property is thoroughly cleaned to a professional standard at the end of your tenancy as per the terms of your tenancy agreement.  This is important as its often the most expensive cost that tenants incur when they vacate the property!




If your accommodation is a standalone Newcastle student property and not in a block managed property then, as per the terms of your tenancy agreement, please ensure that your windows have been cleaned.  If you book a window cleaner in advance before moving out please provide a copy of the receipt to Roseworth.  If Roseworth need to instruct a window cleaner and the cost of this will be deducted from your bond.




Please ensure that you contact your utility provider with your final meter readings (to be taken on the last day of your tenancy) and provide them with a forwarding address in order that they can send any final bills..  


PS Roseworth will take departing meter readings during the checkout inspection and we provide these for you within the check out paper work.




Do not arrange for the electricity supply to be terminated as this will damage the fire alarm and intruder alarm system, if applicable. 


If you have any further questions please contact our office where one of our Roseworth team will be able to help you.