Understanding Student Lettings Documents

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At Roseworth we understand that the process of renting Newcastle student accommodation can be an overwhelming process and the filling out of so many forms and documents can be confusing, so we try to make it as easy, quick and stress free as possible.


Once future tenants have secured a property with Roseworth we arrange a sign up appointment and invite all students back to the office so you can meet us in person, go through all of the different documents and sign the AST. The appointment gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


We have a welcoming open environment whereby students feel comfortable to discuss any questions they may have with one of our experienced members of staff. We also offer a bespoke student friendly Moving In and Moving Out guide to all our tenants to make the process as easy and smooth as possible by providing advice and helpful points for tenants to follow.


There are many important documents that you will come across when renting your Newcastle student accommodation and we are always available should you have any questions, you can always pop down to our office or give us a call on 0191 222 1225, we will be happy to help!


Assured Tenancy Agreements


A Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding contract between you and your landlord. It specifies the terms and conditions of your tenancy setting out your obligations relating to the payment of rent and your occupation of the premises. All of Roseworth's Newcastle student acommodation will be let with an AST. 


All of our future tenants are provided with a copy of the tenancy agreement to read through before signing giving students the chance to ask any questions.


As Newcastle's premier student lettings agents, Roseworth have a friendly open door policy and happy to help with any questions students may have before signing the dotted line…


Security Deposit Bond and Tenancy Deposit Scheme


Each tenant of Roseworth's is required to pay a Security Deposit Bond before their tenancy starts acting as security for the landlord against any damages or loss of rent. This money is registered with a government-backed tenancy deposit scheme and is returned to the tenant at the end of the tenancy, providing no money is owed for rent, damages or other costs. The amount payable is the equivalent of one month’s calendar rent.


Roseworth register all tenant’s Security Deposit Bond monies with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) and are handled under the terms of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. The TDS will protect your deposit and can help resolve disputes about deposits should there be any at the end of the tenancy, although at Roseworth we always try and resolve any dispute or questions students may have about any deduction. Should any deductions be made students are provided with all supporting paper work and invoices relating to this.


Roseworth supply a guide on the TDS which is provided to the tenants after securing a property. We also provide a copy of the certificate in the student’s welcome pack when you moving into the property. 


For more information and advice please see: http://www.tds.gb.com


Payment Options


As Roseworth specialises only in Newcastle student accommodation we are able offer favourable payment options. Tenants can choose their options on an individual basis meaning that students in the same household can decide on different payment options. All payments of rent are collected via direct debit so you don’t have to worry forgetting to pay as it is done automatically! Options include:


  • 1 Yearly upfront payment
  • 8 or 10 termly monthly Direct Debit
  • 3 Termly Direct Debit collected in line with your student loan date
  • Post dated cheques 

Guarantor Forms 


At Roseworth we require all tenants to have a guarantor, which is normal procedure for Newcastle student accommodation. A guarantor is a third party to the tenancy agreement who guarantees that all rent will be paid in the event that a tenant fails to. All guarantors are to be UK citizens, over the age of 18 and in full time employment, most often this is a parent or family member. If a tenant cannot provide a guarantor then Roseworth may request that all rent is paid in advance.


When students are invited to sign up with a member of staff, Roseworth provide a hard copy of the guarantor form for students to take away.


Most students do not have a problem getting a guarantor, but we understand that for international students this can be difficult. Don’t worry, there are other options available! One option is to pay the full annual rent in advance, but if this is not possible there are guarantor services available, for example, Roseworth have dealt with Housing Hand (http://www.housinghand.co.uk) who are very helpful. If you have any further questions we are always happy to help, please give us a call or pop into our office for a friendly chat!




Inventories are very important and protect both the tenants and the landlord. Roseworth have adopted an easy and simple inventory for tenants to follow.


We issue the inventory to the first person who collects the keys from our office and we ask for the inventory to be returned within 7 days. The inventory is there to give the tenants an opportunity to state if there is any damage or anything missing in the property which should be there. The returned inventory is then used for the ‘check out’ at the end of tenancy.


Roseworth provide more information on the inventory in our bespoke Moving In Guide provided to each household, but if you have any questions in the mean time please get in touch!