Dealing with Student Bills

  • Post it notes with 'electricity', 'gas', 'wireless', 'water' and 'cable' written on them
Council Tax


Students don’t pay council tax…Woohoo! The council tax year runs from 1st April until 31st March but don’t worry at Roseworth we have already contacted the council for all our Newcastle student accommodation on your behalf so you don't need to do anything!


In the case that one non-student occupies the property, then only a quarter of the exemption applies and no exemptions are applicable if more than one non-student is in occupation. 


Further details can be obtained from the Council Tax Department at Newcastle City Council:



TV License


If you watch or record TV programmes on the TV or online then you will need a TV license. If your tenancy agreement is for the whole house (most of Roseworth’s tenancy agreements are) then you will just need one licence for the whole property.


Some good news….you can get a refund over the summer months you aren’t living in the property or move out early!


For more information please see: 


Utility Bills


All electricity and gas (if your property has it) will be fully working and connected when you move into your Newcastle student accommodation. Each property is self contained and tenants will be liable for paying electricity, gas, and water and sewerage charges.


When you move in we will provide you with the opening meter readings which will be noted at the back of the inventory.  Each group will then be responsible for contacting the appropriate supplier and setting up the account from the tenancy start date in the group’s name. 


We recommend that on average students pay circa £10 to £12 per person per week for bills.


Please see some useful contact numbers:


1. Gas Emergency - National Grid Emergency

2. Gas Provider - Meter Point Admin Service

  • 0870 6081524

3. Northumbria Water


4. Electricity Emergency - NEDL loss of supply 

  • 0800 668877


5. Electricity Provider - Electricity Distribution Company 


Internet and Sky


We leave this for students to set up themselves with the provider and package they wish.




As Roseworth only specialise in Newcastle student accommodation we are able to offer favourable payment options. Tenants can choose their options on an individual basis meaning that students in the same household can decide on different payment options. All payments of rent are collected via direct debit so you don’t have to worry forgetting to pay as it is done automatically! Options include:


  • 1 yearly upfront payment
  • 8 or 10 termly monthly Direct Debit
  • 3 termly Direct Debit - this is tailored on a yearly basis so it is collected in line with your student loan!
  • Post dated cheques 




The property during your tenancy, along with all provided fixtures and fittings, are insured by the Landlord.  However, it is advisable for all students to fully insure your personal belongings in your Newcastle student accommodation as this is not covered under the Landlords insurance.