Newcastle Student House Shares

  • Group of housemates sharing pizza

At Roseworth we understand that being away from home, which for the majority of our tenants is their first time, can be a daunting process and there are many questions you may have. We try and make the process as easy and stress-free as possible in all aspects of the letting process for your new Newcastle student accommodation. We also have lots of useful information on our Lettings Advice  page to help steer students in the right direction. Below are some helpful top tips for sharing with house mates. 




Most students hate cleaning! Why not set up a house rota so that it is equally shared with everyone? 




Always lock the front door and close all windows when leaving your property. All bedrooms in each of Roseworth's Newcastle student accommodation have individual locks on the door, so it is possible to always lock your bedroom door. 


Contents Insurance: 


The Landlord will have building insurance to cover the building, however tenants' personal items are not covered. It is advisable that all our student tenants take out insurance to cover your personal belongings whilst renting your Newcastle student accommodation. 




It is sensible to select one tenant to be in charge of the bills, this is usually the most organised student! For more information on bills please view our Help with Bills page




At Roseworth we have our own in-house maintenance team dedicated to looking after any maintenance or repair work throughout the tenancies for all our Newcastle student accommodation. Please contact us should you have any maintenance issues or queries. See our Maintenance page for further information. 


House Guests: 


At Roseworth we understand tenants will have the occasional house guest. It is advisable to always inform your house mates first in order to avoid any awkward 'run ins'! 


Dropping Out:


We understand sometimes tenants may wish to move out of their Newcastle student property during the tenancy with Roseworth. The onus is on the individual tenant wishing to move out to find a replacement tenant. Occasionally tenants may already have a new tenant to take over their tenancy agreement, other times this is not the case and we therefore recommend students to advertise the room themselves, this can be done for free on websites, such as, the University sites, Facebook, Gumtree, Sparerooms etc, Roseworth will also try and help by re-advertising the room. Please remember that all tenancy agreements are legally binding contracts, if you have any questions about our ASTs please contact us and we will be happy to help. Why not view our FAQs page... 


We have an open door policy to all out students, so pop down to our office or contact us, one of our staff will be happy to help. 


At the end of your Tenancy:  


The majority of Roseworth's tenancy agreements for our Newcastle student accommodation are joint and severally liable which means that if any cleaning and maintenance above fair wear and tear is needed at the end of the tenancy this cost will be divided equally amongst the number of tenants. This is standard across all student letting agencies in Newcastle upon Tyne. It is advisable to always check all rooms before leaving at the end of your tenancy. For more information view our Understanding Important Documents page


Roseworth provide all our tenants with Moving In and Moving Out guides which are very useful for students to follow, they include important contact details, advice, general information and many useful tips.